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Tour Dust Has Settled: Where To Now?

The Howlers On Stage

Image by John Burgess

After playing to packed houses on their support tour with Dr. Feelgood, the dust has settled. Now The Howlers are making plans for a new video and are gearing up to play festivals around Australia. There is also a rumour going around that an overseas tour could be on the cards.

First, let's reflect on some the high points of the Milk and Alcohol tour. The Howlers hit the road running at the first venue, The Basement, in Canberra. Larry Millott stated "When the band walked in, they were bowled over because it was a REAL venue - dimly lit with Rock & Roll posters and paraphernalia lining the walls. The ceiling was covered with electric guitars, there was a big stage...AND...no TV's!" To top the night off, from the first song, the crowd was hooked. They loved The Howlers.

This successful first gig set the stage for the rest of the tour. The following seven performances and positive audience response helped the band grow tighter and developed their stage presence and confidence to a new level. If you thought the band rocked before the tour, you should see them now!

Let me share another of the highlights from the tour. How's this for cool...the guys were setting up before the gig at LeadBelly's in Newtown and there was a couple who arrived early and were sitting at a table near the stage. Larry politely warned them "It could get a bit loud!" The response was pure ear candy "We F@#kin' hope so!" What a great way to kick off the night and know that people were not going to ask you to turn down. To quote Larry "I thought I had died and gone to heaven!"

Finally, besides having a ball playing their original songs and rockin' out on stage together in front of great crowds, The Howlers were tickled pink when the audience started welcoming them on stage with some interactive howling...something they hadn't experienced from local crowds. We can't let those interstate audiences outdo us so let's warm up our vocal chords and grunt out some raucous howling at the next Howler's gig. Watch this space for upcoming gigs! Here are some shots from the tour.

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